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25th September 2023
Wow, what a welcome!
 I am so thrilled to be here today. Words cannot describe. Since the day that the announcement came out that I would be the next president of NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT STUDENT OF NIGERIA, I have received the most wonderful messages – emails and text messages – from the campuses and from this community. I’m overwhelmed by the warm welcome that I have received from so many of you. Thank you very much for welcoming me to this POSITION, even before I stepped foot on this SEAT. So, I already feel that I’m a part of the NAHIMS community. Thank you so much for that.
I am very proud and as I’m sure you can tell, excited, to be your next president!

Today I see as a beginning of a new journey. And as we begin this journey, together, as a community, I want to first thank the members of the past administration, myself, along with the PATRON and the entire NAHIMSITES for bestowing upon me your trust, and the honour and privilege of becoming the NAHIMS president through the constitutional backing and judicial role play.
Thank you so very much. Thank you to every one who was part of the process. and mostly to the voters who stood up to ensure they voted for me and there vote was counted.
NAHIMS, I’m looking forward to getting around the campuses, colleges and universities public and private were our members would be found. through communication and physical visitations ,and all over.
Over the course of the next few months, I will be meeting with groups across the campus to discuss shared governance and listening – listening to your ideas and your thoughts about how we can work together to achieve the mission and propel us forward. And I’m going to listen to how you think we together
can remain resilient in the face of these changing times. We have much to do on behalf of our students, and they deserve it. But we need to work together.
But again, what you most need to know is that I am passionate about ensuring student success. I’ve built my career around ensuring that students have what they need to succeed and making sure that those coming behind me have the kinds of opportunities I was afforded. I’m passionate about public education and making sure that knowledge, experience and affordability to quality higher education remains part of the fabric of our student and NAHIMS communities.
– today and in the months to come – and getting to know each and every one of you. Mostly the chapters president. It’s going to take me a little while to get around the campus, so I won’t be able to do it all in a day. But trust me, I will make my way around, and I do want to hear about you,your challenges and possible complains, stories and what NAHIMS means to you.

To the out going president, COMR SALIHI, I say thank you, for your leadership over your tenure—for the ways that you have given of yourself and the dedication you have shown to NAHIMS.
 Congratulations on your many accomplishments that you have done on behalf of NAHIMS.
Thank you so much. And , I wish for you the very best in your retirement. And I hope that you will leave a number nearby, so when I have a moment, we can just touch base from time to time. for consultation and advises
To the students, staff and administrators, alumni and friends of the NSHIMS, from this point forward, I will apply my skills and abilities to build on the legacy and the rich history of NAHIMS as the Historically student union and a body that hold many.
For any new leader, there are always, I’m sure, the usual questions you have out there. Questions about: What do you have to offer to us to make a difference?
How will you advance the mission of the union?
And what’s your vision?
Well, today, I hope to share a little bit with you, but again, there’s a lot more to come in the days ahead. What I can tell you is that each day, I will be part of this team—striving to have a positive impact on the association and our community. And I will work tirelessly to advance the mission of NAHIMS and to ensure that our students have every opportunity to succeed. mostly in the area of result, exams and welfarerism.
What I bring to this position, as you heard earlier from my manifestos, is a diverse set of experiences and skills, having held leadership positions at many different unions—both public and private. And you’ve heard a little bit already about my credentials. All would be implemented.
I believe in the experience and the capability of our student all around the world and our dear country.
 i do believe also we both have role to play in pestering unity peace and stability, and we should also believe in the engagement and commitment on the union interest because the union has advantages than any one of us, as its the only union that make us strong.
We will work together and make history upon history as our union and it members usually do.
I Promise to work with every one of you that has the passion of an achievement and progressive aim. My administration will ensure equity, fairness and equality to all.
I call on all NAHIMSITES to remain calm as usual and expect a tangible and responsible administration like never before.
And NAHIMS will continue to be the home of all as it does.
And maintain the name of giant of unions by God grace.