Afrobeat Drill Music Hip Hop The Message EP Word Slay

Word Slay (The Message)

PRODUCER: SBK (Kelvin Ugwu)
RATING: 7/10
RELEASE DATE: 21st February 2023.

Word Slay is Unarguably one of the Finest MC’s Literally outstanding in Nigeria. The Proof’s Not to be overlooked as he is an award Winning artist in the entertainment field. This artist Recently made one of the most Controversial Hip Hop Album In The city of Learning and calls it ‘THE MESSAGE. On this album The Lead Act Word Slay took it upon himself to work with great minds like Uncle DIA(Kaduna NG), Steven Mwale(Zambia), Ella Gold Cephas(Nigeria), Bamo, Enefola Uredo Victor(Nigeria), Biggy Khali(UK), Purity Arewadakata, Sbkkelvin Ugwu(Nigeria), Focus Obi(Abuja NG), Lumumba, Jatau, Ajebo, Steve Bussags (Pennysylvania). Undoubtedly an international collection. The album is sold on for the price of 1000N (one Thousand Naira Only).

The Song POWER OF WORDS Features one of the greatest to ever come out of Kaduna State Addressed by the Moniker Uncle DIA. The Song could easily be described as one of the most content filled Song ever out from Kaduna State. The Prowess of the Song Relies on the Lyrical Content which is both a message for both The 21st century Music Maker and Consumer.

The ‘POWER OF WORDS’ open up with the Hook which is quite precise and breif. The message was clear enough and can easily set one in the mood that comes when anticipating a great content from any Award winning Hip Hop Song. The Hook was immediately followed by Verse from Uncle DIA which was a well defined expression of quality content displayed in the most Entising delivery, Yall know Uncle DIA. His verse was closed with the very words “Name Is DIA Reporting Live From the City Of Learning” which laid a perfect Entrance for the Hook. After the Hook came A Quality Verse from the Lead Act as expected. After the Verse from Word Slay Came the Catchy Hard Hip Hop Hook. The Song closes with The signature of the producer SBK.

Looking At the Lyrical Structure of this Sound one can not be Said to be overexagerrating if Saying that A Solid Content of professionalism was the Obvious display on this note. Looking At the content on this sound one could be easily be caught craving for more of this Sound. Well… The POWER OF WORDS is just 1 song out of 12 others which from time to time the change in flow pattern and Genre will never leave anyone feeling left in the dark. The Name of the Album (The Message)

Word Slay Have in time Shown Great dedication and commitment to the art. The level of consistency he brings to the table have in fact put a lot of Good rappers on their toes which is in fact a good thing. The cat is vastly knows for his Wittyness in the monopoly of words and Keen interest in Battle Rap. It’s a fact that Not Every Rapper can Battle Rap, it’s practically one of the most challenges in the game. But Word Slay Have Did Perfect Execution to Both Battle Rap and Practical Music. Use this Link to Purchase and Thank me Later, it’s just 1000N.

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