Trash To Decor By Rita Iliya Mutum

Rita Iliya Mutum who is the CEO of TRASH TO DECOR does creativity with bottles with the help of kaduna celebrity afro beat artist Xpis as the manager, have enlighten the public with some details about her handwork.

She wrote,

Saw it via Facebook on a friend’s page from south Africa it was something new and beautiful to me so I pick interest.

I started gathering bottles around ,in addition making the environment unlither with bottles .I chatted the person for more information but unfortunately till date no reply from him, so I used my initiative and started practicing how to design the bottles.

By HypeLadySimi

Favour Simi David is an indegene of Plateau State, currently studying Science Laboratory Technology at Kaduna Polytechnic. She has so much passion for entertainment especially music and all sort of news.

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